My Quotes

“I think you come across certain people who, your souls connect and when that happens for the rest of your life you will always stay connected to them.”

“You are going to make mistakes, but if you are a good person and work hard I promise no mistake will cause detrimental damage to your life.”

“I guess you can say, I’ve never been someone who feared rejection. My fear that overcame it, was never trying in the first place.”

“Sometimes no matter how good of a person you are, people will choose not to see it; remember that is their flaw, not yours.”

“I think it is great to find out someone’s story. I think it’s even better when you become a part of it.”

“After a while you learn not everyone is going to like you, but the good thing about it is, that’s okay.”

“I’ve always prided myself on being a good person, the best I could be. Once I was completely confident in who I was and how I treated people, then I’d worry about my appearance.”

“Remember they all start to care, once they realize you don’t.”

“When you go out of your way to hurt someone, just because they don’t react doesn’t mean karma will be as kind.”

“We love people for the way they make our hearts dance to a beat we’ve never heard, it’s beautiful when we get lost in the music.”

“Find someone’s deepest secret and I challenge you not to fall in love with them.”

“Behind every beautiful person, is a lovely heartbreaking story that made them that way.”

“We give people our hearts, well aware it can come back broken. But we do it anyway. Why? Ask anyone who has ever really been in love… the goodness that came out of it for a little while far surpasses the tears that followed.”

“Falling in love is easy, the hard part comes when the other party decides to fall out of love with you.”

“There are some people in our lives who reach deep chambers we never knew existed in our hearts.”

“‘I love you,’ to a girl will always be written in concrete across her heart, so when you try and back petal know the cement has already dried and it’s useless.”

“The funny thing is, each person you let into your heart can never truly be erased. You become a certain person for better or worse because these people loved you, hurt you or left you. People come into our lives like tornadoes turning it upside down. Yet despite the destruction it is amazing. These forces in your lives lead you to achieve more than you ever thought possible.”

“You deserve to be so much more than you are and let me tell, you have the potential to be it.”

“You can’t control what people do to you, but you can control how you respond to it.”

“What we judge in others, we refuse to accept in ourselves.”

“Value people in your lives, instead of missing those who aren’t.”

“Life is kind of like the ocean, sometimes you want to just stand there in place as a big wave approaches and hope you can overcome it, but sometimes you just have to hold your breathe and let it take you somewhere and throw you some place else.”

“Love is like having a beach house, you build it well aware there can be damage but you risk it anyway and hope for the best.”

“Blessed are the battered hearts that still believe.”

“People who are genuine and caring have a way of melting even the coldest hearts.”

“In a world that be unkind she had a look of otherness and hope that one day all the good she did would one day come back to her.”

“Any time you fear something go after it like crazy.”

“There is something to be said about people who believe in things that are unseen.”

“When you become the person you are destined to be never forget the people who accepted you for who you were.”

“Remember before you go chasing after someone, the universe takes people out of your life for a reason. Don’t try and fight because I promise you will lose. But if you believe that these people are destined to be in your life put all your trust in fate, because they will come back to you.”

“Don’t open doors that took so long to close.”

“Think about how your best friend of the opposite sex treats you, now use that a template for the rest of the world.”

“Realize your flaws, embrace them, accept them and no one will be able to use them against you.”

“I’ve come to learn life is like a book. Some characters enter and remain the main characters throughout the series. But sometimes people you thought were the main characters end up leaving and the story goes on. As much as you want them back sometimes, their role in the book is over, they have played their part and helped even a little bit with the happy ending you have yet to read.”

“When I was freed, I felt like a bird with no where to fly.”

“When you leave a place you love, you leave a piece of yourself in the hearts of those you leave behind.”

“I think when you find what makes you happy, you owe it to yourself to be as selfish as you want; you deserve to go back to that.”

“Never let someone else’s fear for your future get in the way of your ambition.”

“Sometimes you need to take a chance even if that means falling on your face when you try to.”

“She was cursed with a big heart and bigger dreams, and blessed with the courage to follow it.”

“It takes great courage to love something, and greater courage knowing when to walk away, realizing it has served it’s purpose.”

“There are certain people who come into our lives and like hurricanes destroy everything in it’s path. Then there are those who stay around and help clean up what they left behind.”

“And no matter how far away we were, the moment I looked up at the glimmering stars that shined back at me; I knew the world wasn’t as big as people made it out to be and there was hope.”

“The pen was like magic in her hand, and the moment it touched paper every ugly thing that happened suddenly could be made beautiful”

“The hardest part isn’t staying beautiful in a world that is sometimes ugly; but not believing in a world that makes you feel that way.”

“We are defined in the moments that are meant to break us.”

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