Career Mentoring


So let me tell you a little about me when it comes to careers. I’ve applied to nearly 800 jobs while figuring out how the whole process of resumes and interviews works. I think I’ve got it down.

Currently I am a writer and editor for a small startup.

So if you want me to take to on as someone to mentor I’ve done it with about 10 people so far…this is how my process works.

First we will exchange emails and phone calls so I can get an idea of what it is you want to do.

Next you’ll send me your resume to review.

Then I’ll tell you the corrections to be made.

Once we establish a solid resume I’ll help you to find jobs to apply to. (If I have any connections anywhere we will connect you.)

Then we’ll start the application process which consists of cover letters and properly writing emails.

When we get a lead and an interview I’ll help you do research on the company and the person interviewing you.

Then I’ll prep you myself through a phone interview of potential questions you will be asked.

I know a lot about what they call “the real world,” and I’m happy to pass along information.

Email me at