My name is Kirsten Corley.

Writer by day, hopeless romantic by night.

I graduated from Stockton University with a degree in Literature and Creative.

A Jersey Girl born and raised. You can find me in the summer throwing back beers at my favorite bars or running on my favorite boardwalks.

I write about parts of my life never specifically identifying people. But what I strive to do, is use empathy as my driving force to help people not feel so alone. I enjoy writing about heavy, deep subjects in hopes of bringing people together and gain clarity during confusion.

Often times people repress the difficult things they are feeling without addressing why they are feeling it. I take all these things and attempt to put it into words.

When I’m not writing I’m volunteering at organization like Covenant House, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Holiday Express, Nursing Homes, Animals Shelters, 2nd Floor Youth Helpline.

I spend time my free time prepping current college students for interviews and editing resumes. I act as a life coach and mentor while being an active alumni at my University.

If you need help with anything or just someone to talk to the best way to reach me, is through my fan page on facebook or through my email.









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