To My Distant Friend, Who is Never Far From My Heart

We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little bit of each other everywhere. ~ Tim McGraw

To My Beautiful Friend,

We exchange texts. We make plans that always get cancelled. We are every first like on insta. And we each know when shit hits the fan, we each would be there for each other. There aren’t awkward moments when we goes months to years without speaking. We just kind of pick up where we left off. You’ve taught me a little about forever. Cause that’s the way I see it with us.

We may not know the play by play in each of our everyday lives. But we know with certainty we have something pretty special. We have memories. Because there was once a time where we were main characters in this act of my life. I look back at those moments oh se grateful to have had you when I did.

But without even figuring out how, we grew up a bit. We went our own ways. We made our own friends and we began our own lives. And it isn’t that I’ve forgotten you. Every time I pass your parents house, every time I pass our favorite coffee shop, I think of you and smile.

Instead of texting you I just kind of think of you and send positive thoughts your way. I know you are probably doing well. I know we’ll probably cross paths. I know you are there just as I am.

And I’m sure seeing each other would be a great idea, but it’s one of those ideas that just get lost. The skype dates, the text we each forgot to answer, we get a little caught up in living. But you should know I haven’t taken that picture down in my room that sits in a frame. Why would I want to? I wake up every day and am reminded of someone I love, who loves me even if we are apart and not likely to see each other soon.

You’ve given me no sour memories, I look back at in the past with regret. Only smiles and more laughter for the time we were together.

The truth is sometimes people stay forever in our hearts but not always in our lives every day. That’s okay though because there is value to those people too. They teach you about unconditional love.

So whenever our paths may cross again, maybe it will be in town or at a local bar, I look forward to it. I look forward to seeing you and be blinded with memories in the eyes of another. I look forward to the small talk that’s never awkward and I look forward to just picking up where we left off, no matter where or when that might be. But when that day comes I’ll see you again, my dear, with a big hug and bigger smile because of all the good you brought my life.


Your not so distant friend


About kirstencorley

Grew up in Jersey. Love for writing, traveling and charity work.
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